Travel to Thailand Corridor Trial in Phuket

Thailand’s tourism authority (TAT) has confirmed that a travel to Thailand covid 19 trial corridor will be opened for the destination of Phuket from the start of October 2020 for long-stay tourists staying at least 30 days.

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Part of the recently discussed “Safe and Sealed” program, all arriving travelers will be subjected to a 14 day quarantine period in a hotel and will only be able to move onto other accommodation after this 14 day period and after passing 2 Covid 19 tests. Tourists will then be able to travel within 1km of the hotel and after another further 7 days, travelers will be able to move onto other provinces and destinations within the country.

This effectively makes Phuket the travel to Thailand trial province for the corridor which will allow long term stays for tourists escaping the winter months. If the trial is successful, it will be extended to other provinces to include the destination island of Koh Samui.

Travelers from Australia (currently excepting Victoria) and Vietnam will require a test at the airport and only 7 days quarantine. Visitors from New Zealand and Brunei would require a Covid 19 test at the airport with no quarantine period. These exceptions will be under constant review.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 5th 2020 : Due to 1 single positive Covid 19 test result in Bangkok, the Thai government has decided to postpone the Phuket travel corridor

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16th 2020 : The plan for trial travel to Thailand corridor has opened again with Thai government provisionally agreeing to 1,200 tourists per month. There is also agreement that a special 90 day tourist visa costing 2,000 THB will be allowed and this visa will be extendable 2 times at cost of 2,000 THB per extension allowing a stay up to 9 months. All arrivals will be required to stay in a state approved quarantine hotel for 14 days on arrival and 100,000 USD of medical insurance cover is required.

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